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    Corporate Responsibility
    Our Environment
       -- Development of Current Energy
    Our People
       -- Health & Safety
       -- Staff Training
       -- Staff Activities
    Social Duty
       -- Education Assistance
    Development of Current Energy

    With the depletion of global petrochemical resources and the soaring prices of crude oil, energy saving and low carbon material as well as environmental-friendly awareness has become a globally valued challenge and concern. WANCHI Group has selected elite members and founded a R&D team in 2009. Hundreds of millions capital has been drown to develop and invest the research of ocean current energy to generate electricity since five years ago. WANCHI Group has achieved favorable reception and significant results from computer simulation, developing test machine, ensuring the hydrodynamic experiments and setting and onshore currents generator at full-scale.
    Professors from several marine universities in Taiwan and experts from the UK marine agency, SuperGen, were invited by Taiwan National Science Council to pay a visit at the full-scale test in the ditch. The efficiency of output power of the real machine was also verified. The well-known marine scholar Sir Robin Wallace, a professor of the University of Edinburgh, has shown highly appreciate to the Taiwan National Science Council for the results achieved by WANCHI Group. Wallace said that “In previous developments of the global ocean current power generation teams, there is no power transfer equipment that can
    apply to currents at low current speed. This equipment developed by WANCHI Group will be the first ocean currents generator in the world.” Taiwan National Science Council attaches great importance to the conclusions since the real machine was successfully tested in the ditch, and prudently instructs three teams, founded by the Tainan Hydraulic Laboratory (THL, NCKU), Taiwan Ocean Research Institute (TORI, NRL) and WANCHI Industry Group to perform a cooperation proposal called “Verification of ocean current power generation”, so as to examine the low speed current turbine in the oceanic environment.

    Kuroshio, part of the North Pacific Ocean Circulation, passes the east coastline of Taiwan at the speed of 1 m/s on average. Challenges caused by the nature include the typhoons, earthquakes and the low current speed. WANCHI Group scrupulous put forward varies of feasible solutions with the spirit of bold assumptions and creative proof, regardless all difficulties that may encounter. A full-scale pilot-testing machine has been built for ocean current power generation. It was equipped with over 10 different monitoring devices and deep-sea anchoring system under very limited time and resources conditions at all costs independently.
    Currently, this machine is awaiting orders at an eastern port, and is expected to be deployed in the ocean by R&D team in late July, 2013. It will win the world record of the first ocean current power system launched at speed of 1 m/s. The team also plans the ocean current power generation to be exploited for future base load electricity. It requests continued operation of power generation during the typhoon period, for only passing the trial of the typhoon, it can bring the team valuable data against typhoon as an important design basis for future transformation of ocean current power system at large capacity.

    WANCHI Group believes that as a member of the Earth's citizens, the responsibility means not only the good behavior to society but also to create a harmonious home for all human beings. Once Ocean-Green Energy Program achieves successful

    results, it may reduce excessive reliance on petrochemical energy that will cause ecological damage to the planet. The program also plans to utilize the power on the ocean near the equator. By means of electrolysis hydrogen production, transferring electrical energy into hydrogen, and then using hydrogen fuel cell to produce electric power. In this way, the vehicles will use hydrogen fuel cells as the power in the future. Street will not discharge pollutants but clean water. Reduction of urban pollution, purified air condition, all these great beneficiaries will belong to human beings and our descendants on the earth.

    Social Welfare
    WANCHI bears the operation philosophy of abiding by the law and complying with government statutes as well as the norms of public morality with sound and transparency financial management, to achieve sustainable development and good reputation. It creates a safe and health environment for the staff and establishes a long-term cooperation with all customers on the basic of reciprocity and fair business.
    WANCHI shows concern to the development of national economy and cares for vulnerable
    groups and always ready to offer more warmth for social group in need of help.

    We know that to fulfill our social responsibility is a long-term commitment for all the interested party.?In this way,WANCHI strives to provide staff a safe and healthy work environment and give full play to their capacities to create new products, so as to enhance the level of industry and promote national economic development. Driven by such liability, WANCHI will establish better management system and carry forward the good corporate culture to become a trusted enterprise and create the best benefit for society.

    Tel: 86-335-5936000 FAX:86-335-5936006/002 ext 112/113 E-mail:market@wanchi.com.cn