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    Modern civilization is an outcome of heavy industry which relies on steel equipment for its manufacturing processes. Since it was established in 1969, WANCHI Steel Industrial Co., Ltd has been as a full service provider in the heavy industry. The Chinese meaning of the company name, WANCHI, is based on its vision of being a company with ten thousand kinds of machines and equipment experiences. This wide diversity of equipment and experience is dedicated to meeting the needs of the energy, petrochemical, steel mill, environmental protection, infrastructure and transportation industries.

      WANCHI started with end plates (heads) as its only product. With the intensive R & D, WANCHI successfully developed the SUS plasma cutting machine and high frequency induction pipe bending machine, both still regarded as the leading technology in Taiwan. Following the rapid development of Taiwan Market, WANCHI's business was extended to the turn key construction projects. Today, with its facilities and well qualified staffs, WANCHI offers its customer an integrated multi-discipline fabrication and construction service.

      With more than 200 skilled members, WANCHI has met the challenges of the open market and growing internationalism. With enthusiasm and innovation, WANCHI has built up much experience and many achievements in the petrochemical, steel mill, chemical, energy and transportation as well as environmental protection fields. Some of the achievements which WANCHI is very proud of include (1) completing the supply of the 240KM long large diameter API pipes in 9 months for C.P.C. (2) involvement in FPC No.6 Naphtha Cracking Project where some big projects such as HAC, SM4, OL3 are still under construction (3) participating in the Taiwan High Speed Railway projects where we have provided several MSS systems and 6 sets of 450 metric ton gantry cranes as well as the full steel work for the famous S220 Hsin Chu Station. In addition, we have also successfully completed the 450 metric tons × 2 multi-nozzle for TPC Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant in 3 months in Year 2002.

    ?????The 107,300 m2 WANCHI head office and shop is located in Yen Chau.WANCHI set up its Taipei office in 1992 and established its first subsidiary, High Intellect Co. , Ltd., in 1999. In order to meet the rapid growth and demand in Mainland China, WANCHI established its 2nd subsidiary , WANCHI Steel Pipe (Qinghuangdao) Co., Ltd, in China in 2002 .

    ?????WANCHI plans to stride forward in the 21st Century, WANCHI will continue its dedication and service to all of its customers, and will maintain its place as an industrial leader and developer in Taiwan. The world is globalizing with opening markets, and bringing with it more challenges for businesses. WANCHI will meet these challenges with enthusiasm and innovation, by upgrading its facilities and design capabilities, and developing more advanced technology.

    Tel: 86-335-5936000 FAX:86-335-5936006/002 ext 112/113 E-mail:market@wanchi.com.cn